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With a combination of traditional “talk” therapy, and state-of-the-art holistic techniques, Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s techniques achieve psychological insight, emotional well-being, and an increase in quality-of-life. Celeste’s unique approach focuses not only on discussion, but the incorporation of mindful practice and creative action as well as, state-of-the-art holistic practices. Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW has created a theoretical basis for her work, which she has named and trademarked, Celestial Psychology®.

Benefits include (but are not limited to) the ability to:
  • Gain mastery over your emotions, addictions and negative behavior;
  • Become more assertive;
  • Improve coping and communication skills;
  • Develop anger and stress management skills;
  • Change your perceptions;
  • Reframe painful memories;
  • Increase your optimism;
  • Increase functioning and productivity;
  • Improve relationships with your family, friends and co-workers;
  • Access your body’s own natural healing and psychic capabilities;
  • Increase your feelings of peace and forgiveness;
  • Discover what ‘makes your heart sing’;
  • Experience true joy;
  • Develop a new sense of self, self-esteem and self-respect;
  • Enhance your psychic and intuitive capabilities;
  • Overcome the trappings of the Egoic Mind;
  • Accept responsibility for your evolution;
  • Participate in the creation of a better world.

Celestial Psychology® techniques may include role-play, controlled movement, observation of your facial expressions and physical reactions to various subjects, and interactive visualization. One traditional technique that comes from Gestalt is the “empty-chair” exercise. When you have anxieties concerning past conflicts with another individual, especially a loved one, Celeste may you to focus on an empty chair in the room, visualize the person sitting in the chair and engage in dialogue with the individual. Celeste may also direct you to assume both roles in the verbal exchange. The key to Gestalt techniques is emphasis on the present, just as with Celestial Psychology®.

The therapy offered at Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC focuses not on how you felt about an event in the past, but how you feel today. Celeste does not attempt to second-guess or interpret your emotions and reactions; rather, you are encouraged to express and assume responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Self-defeating patterns can be released so that you become free to live in the moment. If you are seeking to break free of old patterns, assume control of your life, and develop you core self you can benefit greatly from Celestial Psychology® techniques.

To find out if this exciting new therapeutic modality is right for you, contact the office of Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC, located in the West Hartford to take the first step on your journey toward self-discovery, with Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW.

The following testimonials were provided by Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s clients and students:

Testimonials for Talk Therapy

“Celeste is always prompt, courteous, and professional. I feel very safe in her office and it is comfortable, convenient and clean. Celeste has helped me to appreciate myself, and to see and access my strengths. Without her help I don’t think I would be as successful as I am now. Celeste is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with.” MC, West Hartford, CT

“Celeste has helped me so much, in many, many phases of my life. Emotionally and psychologically I would not be where I am without her.” CK, Windsor, CT

“I feel very comfortable in the office and waiting room setting. I like it when Celeste tells me to ‘keep up the good work’. She is very positive. If I had a loved one that was struggling with addiction, I would certainly refer them to Celeste.” JH, Stafford Springs, CT

“My therapist’s pluses are that she makes eye contact and gives me her full attention. She is empathic and supportive and has a wonderful calm and low voice. She does not rush me. She puts me at ease and helps me focus. She is a nice person and I can be myself. I am very grateful for her guidance.” JC, Avon, CT

“Celeste is always very pleasant. The recommendation to read The Power of Now was very helpful. She makes me think about things—and when I am by myself I hear what she’s said to me. She always affirms my positive attributes, and I need to feel better about me and I think I am getting there. When I really needed to find a therapist Celeste was the ONLY one who had time for me. I was feeling very frustrated, and she was again, the only one who said ‘yes, I can see you right away.’’ KA, West Hartford, CT

“Celeste helped me to gain a deeper appreciation of my strengths and a better understanding of how to deal with my challenges.” RK, New Britain, CT

Testimonials were obtained by way of a Therapist Evaluation Survey taken in July of 2008.

Testimonials for Reconnective Healing® Sessions and The Reconnection®

“My first session of Reconnective Healing was amazing. Suddenly I was drawn into this beautiful light with music so beautiful it just brought me to the calmest space I've ever been. I went through a tunnel of light and saw pyramids with golden rays that glowed in the bright light and then I saw a vision of someone in white standing with hands extended, but not facing me. I just knew who it was! I have never been that close to my God! When it was over, I opened my eyes and with tears of gratitude I knew that I was given a true gift. It was the opportunity to know what my purpose in the world is! Since then, I have become very devoted, tireless and more optimistic than I've ever been, especially, with my Youth Ministry group and helping teenagers continue to walk with Christ. And, also when I got up off the table the pain in my thigh from a twisted sprained muscle (which turned out to have been torn) was completely gone! Thank you, Celeste and many thanks to The Reconnection®.” MM, Hartford, CT

“During the sessions I could actually feel the healing energy all around me. It felt like movement- I was very relaxed and very emotionally moved. After the second session, I remember getting up off the table and declaring, 'my depression has been lifted! OMG! I felt it leave, as if it was a tangible mass.' Since then, I haven't required any further treatments (not even talk therapy) and it has been a year, now. Over the course of the year, I have been moved along my spiritual path and have made great strides. I am very grateful that Celeste so skillfully facilitated The Reconnective Healing® frequencies into my life. The effects are truly long-lasting. I only hope everyone can have the same experience.” CL- West Hartford, CT

“The first time I experienced my arms elevate off the table during my first Reconnective Healing® session with Celeste, I was a bit startled, but not frightened. I remembered that she had explained that light, energy and information would be entering my cells on a DNA level and so I figured I was reaching for it. During one session, I actually tried to lower my arms and I couldn't, but again I wasn't frightened. My healing sessions were so relaxing and I always felt energized afterwards. Over the course of the year and my approximately four healing sessions, my life has improved tremendously. Recently, I completed The Reconnection® itself and I look forward to how the increase in 'connectedness' will manifest in my life.” RK, New Britain, CT

Testimonials for Spiritual Empowerment Classes with Celestial Psychology®

“Classes were a beautiful experience - opened pathways to higher level of spiritual expression, for me.” LM, Avon, CT

“This course has helped me spiritually and reconnected me to my body, mind and spirit! A simply amazing experience!” AW, West Hartford, CT

“Celestial Psychology's Spiritual Empowerment course has given me the knowledge and tools to easily incorporate the7 chakras into my everyday spiritual quest. Celeste is open, welcoming and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is non-intimidating and respectful.” HC, Farmington, CT

“A wonderful class, handouts were very helpful and I loved the video on the chakras!” JP, Windsor, CT

“This course went beyond my expectations. It actually gave us concrete practices, as well as intellectual and emotional grounding. It was amazing to me to actually feel the energy of my Chi for the first time, during the exercises. Members of the class actually saw the rush, as I exclaimed 'wow' out loud, while passing the energy from one palm to the next. Since the class, I continue to practice the 'energy body access and strengthening exercises and I use the affirmations regularly. I have become more physically active than I have ever been, getting to the gym regularly, walking and making healthy food choices. I am so grateful that I took this course, and I highly recommend it to everyone.” KB, Bristol, CT

“After a long day, I was always tired before coming to class, but always left revitalized and empowered.” JB, Simsbury, CT

“I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this class, and I was just so pleased. The evenings were so relaxing- I felt at peace when I left- no matter how stressful my day had been. Learning and practicing different types of meditations was very good, and the affirmations are breathtaking! I definitely recommend this course to others!” CP, Springfield, MA

“This class enhanced my awareness of spirituality and I learned ways to balance my life. This enabled me to cope with everyday stressors, and improved my outlook and mood and my mental health.” RM, West Hartford, CT

“I learned about the chakras and the basics of what they are for us. I experienced the connection of God to us and to the world through different cultures and religions- a deep connection. I gained practices that will help me continue to open my heart, mind and soul to experience a higher level of being. I am improving myself, and gaining peace and serenity with the tools from this class. I recommend this class to others!” LD, Windsor, CT

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