Individual therapies can offer highly effective treatment for certain specific illnesses. However, there is often a combination of mental illness and other factors, both mind and body centric, that affect an individual seeking treatment. Integrative/Eclectic Psychotherapy is used most often when a patient has several illnesses that are of pressing concern. This therapy is the basis for all of Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s work and she uses this approach which combines various techniques from multiple therapeutic sources. At the root of this combination is the psychodynamic approach of making conscious what is unconscious. Celeste believes that although traditional psychoanalysis is generally considered outdated, it remains the bedrock for all change. It is the root of all psychology, just as chakra one, Muladhara is the root of the Human Chakra System. We can not change what we do not see, so consciousness-raising is the underlying goal and the result of all methods. Celeste combines traditional “talk” therapy with the various therapies discussed below, and in more detail on the Celestial Psychology® page. Celeste recommends nutritional changes, meditation and relaxation techniques, physical exercise, and energy-medicine healings, such as the Reconnection. Celeste is committed to offering you the most effective treatment available with integrative techniques to create a holistic treatment program suited to your individual needs.

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